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Preschool Kids are eager to learn new things.  Studies verified that, kids at the age of two years understand 50 words however three years later their vocabulary are within the thousands, and they’ll string along the sentences and stories. This is the right time to understand their skills and boost learning.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that, one of the best gifts we can give children is an environment that enables them to develop their ability to concentrate. Kids at the age of 2 or 3 years are ready enough to recognize their names, environment, family members, teachers and some objects.  To boost learning, give them some learning materials, puzzles, block building activities, visiting new places increases their curiosity and interest. Talk to them and ask questions. Even if they are unable to answer, let them explore themselves. Give them a freedom of choice and try to answer their questions without losing your patience.

Observations are very important at this stage.  By observing, we can notice which activities they stay with. Appreciate them and encourage them to grow. Children always use to watch you all the time. By exaggerating your own movements and efforts at concentration, children will understand and perceive that this is a task to be taken seriously. Try to encourage them to repeat the task, which makes them confident enough and makes them perfect.

Nurture your child with care and support, at this young stage kids need your support, so take time and try to be patient at your stressful situations. We need to engage the child with socio emotional activities also which leads to his the all round development.

Preschools are the one where a child gets a great exposure to his life. “Madagascar Kids” is one of its kind, with a unique education approach that nurtures a child’s intrinsic desire to learn with active participation and mixed age grouping that encourages them to be independent, self discipline, creative and expressive.

Active Participation leads to enormous display of Cognitive & Sensory learning.  Our curriculum is based on the environment which in turn leads to Active Participation based learning and helps in the growth of socio emotional aspects of the child.


Madagascar Kids

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