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How to get your child to do her/his homework?


The author is real parent and has shared his honest opinion.

My daughter goes to K1. She started school this June. When I mean school, a big proper one and not the house-type Montessori or play groups. Since June, every evening after I return from work, its war time. My wife tries to get her to do her homework but in vain. When I enter the house, the first thing I hear is the complaint of homework. Phew! This phase was very tough.

So I started getting tough. I acted tough. I was strict with her. It worked for some days, but every time I had to be the strict guy(bad guy) to get her to do her homework. Surely there must be a way out I thought. After all she is still in K1 and I was acting as if she was clearing her IAS.

I had this idea of making it fun when doing her homework. In the beginning it was really a waste of time. She would immerse herself in play and not listen to my words. Kids at this age are really growing up and its not easy to make them listen to you. But later I introduced some fun and play in her homework itself. This started to work and make sense for her. She gradually took it up. Sometimes it was the same adamant girl all over again, and I had to pretend to be tough on her, but once that phase is done, when she actually sits down to write her homework  I change the theme and atmosphere to fun and play and she loves it. For this I bought a lot of educational toys and materials. They can be a strong inducer of play and learn.

One day I brought her to Madagascar Kids near to my house. They have this whole play dedicated to fun and enjoyment, along with some educational toys.  Also I was curious to read their philosophy of Fun, Learn and Play. Exactly! That’s what I was trying to do all this time and it appears it was there all along. Anyways to wrap up this topic, I offered to write a guest blog based on my real life experience and it turned out they agreed joyfully. So here is my actual article. A short one but intuitive enough.

In the end, kids love to have fun in anything they do. We have become serious in life. They do not see life as adults. Let us not impose our ideas and rules on them. Let them grow up freely. A word to all the teachers in K12 schools. If possible, try to reduce the homework burden on them because they cannot understand the very notion of homework. They did all the school work at school. Home is their fun place where they get to do whatever they want. Let the kids have fun when they are entitled to and learn when it requires. Homework should be made optional, at least in early education system.

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