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Category: Madagascar Kids

Jul 09

How to get your child to do her/his homework?

The author is real parent and has shared his honest opinion. My daughter goes to K1. She started school this June. When I mean school, a big proper one and not the house-type Montessori or play groups. Since June, every evening after I return from work, its war time. My wife tries to get her […]

Jul 03


Preschool Kids are eager to learn new things.  Studies verified that, kids at the age of two years understand 50 words however three years later their vocabulary are within the thousands, and they’ll string along the sentences and stories. This is the right time to understand their skills and boost learning. Dr. Maria Montessori believed […]

Jun 26

Celebrate your Birthday at Madagascar Kids!!!

Kids always wants their birthdays to be filled with fun and entertainment. To make it happen, parents usually arrange all that Play equipment and Decorative. We find lots of Decorators, Party Organizers and Event managers but coordinating and managing multiple vendors itself become a big task. We at Madagascar Kids usually take care of everything […]

Jun 22

Positive Affirmations for Kids, Do they really work?

Positive affirmation is essential for the child to think positively, to believe in oneself. Positive affirmations for kids can be just the right ticket to teach them how their talk can affect their attitude. “I can…” statements are an easy place to start. The most important element of positive affirmation is repetition. To make them […]

Jun 05

Why Play Based Learning for Kids?

Playing is way more than just “fun-time” for children as it enables them to explore themselves. A child must be able to learn, participate in different activities, choose his own work and learning curve, set his own pace of learning and together with all this, have lots of fun with physical play and unlimited joy! […]

Jun 05

5 Things to consider when designing an indoor playground

When designing an indoor playground a 100 percent devotion and care is to be taken into consideration. The designing of the playground should be taken in a mind that the kids go climb swing and slide and do whatever the kids like to do. It’s here the kids develop their social interaction, physical fitness and […]