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Top Preschool in Bengaluru with Integrated Learning and Fun Center, which inculcates the concepts of early stage Montessori education, coupled with meaningful and real life activities, preparing the child for the next level of quality education.

With access to dedicated play areas, learning spots, activity spaces, well trained teachers, entertainment zones, we guarantee you an all round development of your child with robust foundation for the future, preparing them for the next level of education.

Top Preschool in Bengaluru - Madagascar Kids

The Madagascar kids learning method brings the joy of discovery back to language and math with 4 simple steps:

Kids Singing Program in Bengaluru


Reading Program in Bangalore


Play in Bangalore - Madagascar Kids


Work shop in Bangalore - Madagascar Kids


Why Madagascar Kids

Why Madagascar Kids?

We at Madagascar Kids, strive to provide "An environment to enable Active participation of every child." A child must be able to learn, participate in different activities, choose his own work and learning curve, set his own pace of learning and together with all this, have lots of fun with physical play and unlimited Joy!

Our centre is integrated with state of the art Play area, dedicated learning space, and lots of well designed workshops and activities throughout the year for all round development of the child.


Our Vision

Giving the best Integrated Learning & Fun centres to the Children of our society for a better future.


Our Mission

Creating the best environment for your child that stimulates learning, growth and active participation.

Our Approach

To ensure highest quality standards and a unique approach that nurtures a child's intrinsic desire to learn with active participation and mixed age grouping which encourages them to be independent, self disciplined, creative and expressive.